Koop SF 34 selected by the Council of Europe to participate in the intercultural incubator program

African style coworking space

About us

Koop SF34 is an integration space that emerges in the nucleus of the neighborhood of San Francisco, the neighborhood with the highest concentration of migrants in the entire Basque Country. Since 2015, Koop SF 34 helps the socio-labor integration of migrants.

It was born as a space that tries to fight against stigmatization, valuing multiculturalism, showing that migrants are capable of contributing to society in many and diverse ways.

The main objective of Koop SF 34 has been to combat the high unemployment rate and the uprooting suffered by a large part of the migrant population in Bilbao by enhancing the intrinsic capacities of the group while trying to alleviate their weaknesses through training.



Koop Sf 34 highlights, through entrepreneurship, the potential of migrants, which is frequently made invisible by various barriers such as: language, cultural differences, the recognition of degrees or simply the lack of validity of non-regulated training.

At Koop SF 34, the refugee / migrant is understood as a potential asset for this society, as the engine of our association and language as the first great barrier to their integration.

However, for the path to integration to be satisfactory, Koop SF 34 is not limited to teaching but tries to facilitate the entry of migrants and refugees into the world of work through entrepreneurship or the generation of a network to work with third parties.

We understand that this is the way in which many of our European neighbors are beginning to work with migrants, creating spaces where knowledge of the language is accompanied by professional development and cultural adaptation. Our organization is therefore part of the pioneering group of intercultural incubators belonging to the Consejo de Europa dentro de su programa Diversity Incubators. 

This “new Europe” in which different races, cultures and religions coexist, has the challenge of generating a new framework in which no one is left behind.

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